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Working principle of slow wire processing

 Slow wire walking, also called low-speed wire walking, is a kind of CNC machining machine tool that uses continuously moving fine metal wire as an electrode to pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to generate a high temperature of over 6000 degrees, ablate metal and cut into a workpiece. The principle of wire processing is the phenomenon that there is a gap between the wire electrode and the workpiece, and the metal is removed by continuous discharge. Since the slow-moving wire cutting machine adopts the method of wire electrode continuous feeding, that is, the wire electrode is processed during the movement, so even if the wire electrode is worn out, it can be continuously supplemented, so it can improve the machining accuracy of the parts and slow the wire. The surface roughness of the workpiece processed by the cutting machine can usually reach Ra=0.8μm and above, and the roundness error, linear error and dimensional error of the slow-moving wire cutting machine are much better t

Classification of CNC Machining Occupation Levels

1. Blue-collar layer:   That is, CNC machining operation technicians, proficient in machining and CNC machining process knowledge, proficient in the operation and manual programming of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools), understand automatic programming and simple maintenance of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools), such There is a large market demand for personnel, and they are suitable for operating workers of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools) in the workshop, but due to their single knowledge, their wages will not be much higher.   2. Gray collar layer:   One, CNC machining programmer:   Master the knowledge of 5 Axis CNC machining Aluminum   technology and the operation of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools), be familiar with the design and manufacturing expertise of complex molds (title: mother of industry), and be proficient in 3D CAD/CAM software, such as UG, GOOGLE PRO/E, etc. ; Familiar with CNC

Hydrostatic guideway of CNC machining lathe

The static pressure slide rail (TTW guide) of the CNC machining lathe transfers the oil with a certain pressure through the throttle to the oil cavity between the sliding surfaces of the slide rail (TTW guide) to form a pressure oil film to float the moving parts , Make the sliding rail (TTW guide) surface in a pure liquid friction state.   CNC machining General CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining c17200   beryllium   copper   and milling machine, etc. The feed route of finishing is basically carried out along the part contour sequence. Therefore, the focus of determining the feed route is to determine the feed route of rough machining and idle stroke. In the numerical control processing, the control system issues instructions to make the tool perform various motions that meet the requirements, and the shape and size of the workpiece are expressed in the form of numbers and lette

The influence of different types of nozzles on the thermal efficiency of the engine


The influence of combustion system parameters on engine performance. Fuel supply advance angle and fuel injection pressure test results show that the best fuel supply advance angle (CABTDC) of dimethyl ether during operation is: 19° under calibration conditions and 15° at low speed. This is 6°-9° smaller than the best fuel supply advance angle (25°) of diesel in operation; when the injection pressure of dimethyl ether is 15MPa (lower than the injection pressure of diesel 18MPa), the thermal efficiency is highest. This is because dimethyl ether has a higher cetane number, lower auto-ignition temperature and better atomization performance than diesel. Plunger Diameter The effects of three plungers with diameters of 8.5mm, 9.0mm and 9.5mm on the thermal efficiency of the engine were tested. The thermal efficiency η of the engine with different diameter plungers varies with the average effective pressure P. From this, it can be seen that the thermal efficiency of the engine increases with the increase of the plunger diameter. This is because the low calorific value and liquid density of dimethyl ether are only 64.7% and 80% of diesel. The increased fuel supply per cycle requires an increase in the diameter of the plunger to shorten the fuel injection duration to improve the performance of the engine.

Nozzle form and its depth into the cylinder The influence of 5 different forms of nozzles on the thermal efficiency of the engine was tested. Among them, the 5×0.32mm nozzle is the best, and the highest thermal efficiency is obtained. Compared with the 4×0.30mm nozzle used in the original machine, it has an increase in the number of nozzle holes, an increase in diameter, and an increase in the total flow area. The nozzle of this structure can be better with low intake swirl ratio (the best intake swirl ratio when using dimethyl ether is 1.4~1.8, which is much lower than the original engine swirl ratio 2.3) and large circulating supply Matching the amount of oil is conducive to the formation and combustion of the dimethyl ether mixture. Studies have shown that the best length of the nozzle to extend into the cylinder when using dimethyl ether is 5mm, which is longer than 3mm when using diesel. This is because dimethyl ether has good evaporation and atomization performance, and the spray cone angle formed by the fuel injected into the cylinder is large. In order to prevent the liquid fuel from hitting the bottom surface of the cylinder head and causing combustion deterioration, the length of the nozzle extending into the cylinder is required. Increase.

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