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What are the advantages of CNC machining of radiator parts?

For friends who have been in contact with the radiator component industry, they often see or hear "CNC machining", but too much exposure does not necessarily mean that many people understand. In fact, many questions are still about CNC machining. What are the advantages? Let's take a closer look. CNC machining is an index-controlled machine tool machining, which is a method of using digital information to control the machining process. Traditional mechanical processing is done manually by machine tools. During processing, the mechanical cutter is shaken to cut metal, and the accuracy is measured with calipers and other tools. However, traditional artificial intelligence processing is far from being able to meet the needs of production development. Therefore, the emergence of CNC machining provides the possibility for the standardization, precision and efficiency of mechanical product processing. The CNC machining process in the radiator component industry also shines. The

Investment Casting Materials and Manufacturing Process

Mold material The performance of the molding material should not only ensure the convenient production of investment molds with accurate dimensions and high surface finish, good strength and light weight, but also create conditions for the manufacture of mold shells and good castings. Molding materials are generally formulated with waxes, natural resins and plastics (synthetic resins). All mold materials mainly prepared with wax materials are called wax-based mold materials, and their melting point is low, 60~70 ° C; all mold materials mainly prepared with natural resins are called resin-based mold materials, with a slightly higher melting point, about 70 °C. ~120℃.   Precision Investment Castings China prototype company service include :  High Quality Investment Casting Parts Custom , Lost Wax Investment Casting Sand Casting , Lost Foam Casting , Gravity Casting , Die Casting , Graphite Casting , Casting Moldsmanufacturers . Manufacture of Folding Investments In t

알루미늄 합금 다이캐스팅의 단점을 해결하는 것이 편리합니다!

알루미늄 합금 다이캐스팅은 현재 현재의 전자제품 , 자동차 , 생활필수품 등 많은 산업과 분야에서 널리 사용되고 있습니다 . 그러나 알루미늄 합금 다이캐스팅에서 자주 발생하는 몇 가지 결함 및 해결 방법은 다음과 같습니다 .   알루미늄 합금 다이캐스팅   1. 불순물   알루미늄 합금 다이 캐스팅의 불순물 문제는 주로 특정 온도에서 알루미늄 , 규소 및 다량의 철 , 망간 , 크롬 및 기타 화합물을 포함하는 결정립과 일부 산화물로 구성됩니다 .   해결책 : 알루미늄 잉곳의 조성을 엄격하게 제어하고 , 제련로의 난로를 정기적으로 청소하고 , 정기적으로 슬래그를 처리하면 문제를 해결할 수 있습니다 .   2. 구강 문제   다공성은 다이캐스팅 부품의 내부 또는 표면에 나타나는 다양한 크기의 구멍을 말하며 , 이는 다이캐스팅 부품의 경도 부족으로 이어져 표면의 외관에 영향을 줍니다 .   Solution: 적절한 정제제를 사용하여 모공을 처리하고 , 공정을 조정하고 , 저속을 적절하게 줄이고 , 이형제가 너무 많이 분사되어 모공 문제가 해결되지 않는지 확인하십시오 .   3. 균열 문제   균열은 알루미늄 합금 다이캐스팅의 매트릭스가 파괴되고 , 외력의 작용에 따라 확장되는 경향이 있는 선형 또는 기타 라인인 기다란 틈이 형성되는 것을 의미합니다 .   솔루션 : 합금 조성을 올바르게 제어하고 , 냉각수 회로를 늘리고 , 알루미늄 합금 다이캐스팅의 구조를 변경하고 , 사출 위치를 변경하거나 증가시키면 해결할 수 있습니다 . PINJIN 서비스에는 다음이 포함됩니다 . 알루미늄 다이캐스팅 , 아연 다이캐스팅 , 마그네슘 다이캐스팅 , 투자 주조 , 모

Analysis of electric car maintenance in summer

In summer, you must give your car “an extra layer of protection”. We all know that summer not only rains a lot, but also the temperature is high. Electric cars are basically similar to traditional cars except that the power system is powered by batteries. If you want to maintain the beauty of electric cars, have good performance, and the safety of driving and riding, they cannot do without regular maintenance. .
Professional nursing in time
Car interior care is indispensable, and it can clean the usual sanitary corners such as the air outlet of the car interior and the corner of the seat. You can also go to an auto beauty shop to clean up the interior of the car. Use steam, ultraviolet, photocatalyst and other high-temperature disinfection methods to keep the interior of the car dry and clean.
Desiccant, bamboo charcoal, essential
In order to prevent the car from suffering from “rheumatism”, the owner can prepare a few more dehumidifiers or dehumidifier boxes in the compartment or the back luggage compartment where moisture is easy to accumulate, and pay attention to regular inspection and replacement, and dehumidify the car. Moisture-proof. When not in the car, use desiccant to replace the air conditioner to dehumidify. It is better to buy a simple dehumidification box and place it in the corners, so that the parts in the car will not be easily damp after overnight. Lime and bamboo charcoal also have the function of dehumidification. In addition, rolling old newspapers into a bundle and placing them on the front and rear foot pads or in the trunk also has the same dehumidification effect.
can’t forget to wash the car and clean the chassis
Electric vehicles should be cleaned in accordance with normal car washing methods. During the cleaning process, care should be taken to prevent water from flowing into the charging socket of the vehicle body and avoid short circuit of the body line. In a cool place, wait until the body temperature drops below 40 degrees Celsius before cleaning. Use a water pipe to wash away loose dirt; use a neutral car wash to clean the vehicle. The mixing of the cleaning agent should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a soft cloth soaked in the cleaning solution, and do not wipe it hard to avoid damage to the paint. Experts recommend washing cars as often as possible during the rainy season, because the acidic substances in the rain water have a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface of the car. If it is not handled in time, the paint surface of the car will lose its luster over time. The most effective way to protect the paint surface of the car body is to wax and seal the glaze to prevent the paint surface from fading and aging.
After heavy rain, the bottom of the car should be cleaned in time. Otherwise, sludge may accumulate on the side of the wheel cavity and the chassis of the vehicle. This will easily make moisture trapped in it and cause rust, and the wheel cavity may even be loose and perforated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the car chassis. In addition, be careful not to wash the body and chassis with alkaline cleaning fluid.
“Sunbathe” for the car
Sunlight contains ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. Like people, cars also like to sunbathe, especially in the rainy and humid seasons. The sun-heated car body will quickly remove the accumulated water vapor inside. The weather turns fine, so take time to sunbathe your car. In addition, car carpets, cushions and other cotton and linen products are more susceptible to damp and mildew, and breed bacteria. Therefore, it is best for car owners to dry these items or replace them regularly. You can also choose a sunny day, try to clean the interior of the car with a neutral detergent, open all doors and windows, and use sunlight and ventilation to achieve the disinfection effect.
But to prevent exposure to the sun, it is strictly forbidden for electric vehicles to be exposed to the sun. An excessively high temperature environment will increase the internal pressure of the battery, causing the battery to lose water, causing the battery to decrease in activity and accelerating the aging of the electrode plate.
Pay attention to the deviation of the car
In rainy days, the brake system is also prone to water, which makes the brakes lag, causing accidents when the car runs off during braking. If water enters the brake system, after the rain stops, you can lightly brake with your left foot and step on the accelerator with your right foot. The friction between the brake pad and the brake disc will evaporate the water to ensure driving safety. At the same time, we must remove the stones and gravel on the tires in time after the rain. Everyone knows that the tread pattern of the tires also has the function of draining water. These things attach to the tires and make the tires insufficient displacement.
Check the air pressure often
Keep the tire pressure at the correct tire pressure; check the tire pressure every two weeks or at least every month; incorrect tire pressure will cause power consumption, short driving distance, reduce driving comfort, reduce tire life and reduce driving safety sex.
Periodic inspection
In the course of use, if the continuation of the electric vehicle suddenly drops more than ten kilometers in a short period of time, it is very likely that there is a problem with only one battery in the battery pack. At this time, you should go to the sales center or agent maintenance department for inspection, repair or assembly in time. This can relatively extend the life of the battery pack and save your expenses to the greatest extent.
Avoid high current discharge
When the electric vehicle starts, carries people, or goes uphill, try to avoid slamming and accelerating, which will form an instantaneous large current discharge. High current discharge will easily lead to lead sulfate crystals, which will damage the physical properties of the battery plates.
Avoid plug heating during charging
220 volt power plug or charger output plug loose, contact surface oxidation, etc. will cause the plug to heat up. Excessive heating time will cause the plug to short circuit or poor contact, damage the charger and battery, and bring you unnecessary losses. Therefore, in the above situation, the oxide should be removed or the connector should be replaced in time.

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