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What errors may occur during CNC machining and CNC machining​?

 CNC machining and numerical control machining are a method to control the movement of machine tools and the production process of machining through computer digitization and information digitization. It is an intelligent numerical control device developed as an economical, high-speed, reliable, multi-functional, intelligent, and open structure. CNC machining is also an important indicator that can measure the continuous level and comprehensive ability of a safety technology, as well as the degree of modernization of related science and technology capabilities, especially in aviation, biology, medical and other high-tech cultural industries, and it is also a powerful indicator. reflect. So, what errors may occur during CNC machining and CNC machining? Let us understand together:   The use of approximate machining motion or approximate tool contours causes errors in the CNC principle of machining. The reason why it is called machining principle error is because of the error in machining


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What are the rules for metal stamping die scrap tube?

The Purpose Standardize the management of the scrapping of the company's metal stamping dies, prevent the loss of company assets, and formulate this system specially. Scope of application It is suitable for the management of the company's scrap molds. Definition If the molds listed in the assets of the company fall under one of the following circumstances, the use management department may apply for scrapping. 1. Molds that exceed the specified service life. 2. The mold is severely damaged by accidents or accidents, and molds that cannot be repaired or have no repair value. 3. Metal stamping dies that have not reached the service life, but due to safety, quality, efficiency and other issues, the repair still fails to meet the minimum requirements of the customer's product process or affects the production safety and efficiency. 4. Product customers have stopped placing orders or have not placed orders for molds in several years. 4. Responsibilities 1. Responsibilities of th

Valve Body

It's used to pipeline

Material:brass H62

Material specification:∅25×64

Surface treatment:chrome plated


Properties of brass H62

H62 brass represents ordinary brass with an average copper content of 62%,ordinary brass is based on the addition of other elements of copper alloy be called special brass and it is still represented by "H",followed by the chemical symbol and average composition f other added elements.Such as H62 that the copper content is 60.5%~63.5%,remaining content is zinc.HA59-3-2 indicates that its copper content is 57%~60%,aluminum content about 2.5%~3.5%,nickel content is 2%~3%,and the remaining content is zinc.There are three kinds of brass that are divided into ordinary brass,special brass and cast brass.Cast brass begins with ZCu followed by the symbol of other elements and their average content.


Ordinary brass has good mechanical properties,it has good plasticity in the cold state,better plasticity in the hot state.Has good machinability,easy brazing and welding,corrosion resistance,but it is easy to produce crack.In addition,the price is cheap and widely used in a common brass variety.H62 brass is much harder at room temperature in β phase than in a phase,so it can be used for parts that bear large loads."a+"two-phase brass can be hot machining above 600℃.Microstructure of a+β two-phase brass:a is a bright white solid solution and β is a CuZn-based ordered solid solution.


It can make all kinds of tensile and bending manufacturing stress parts,such as pins,rivets,washers,nuts,ducts,barometer springs,screen mesh,radiator parts,etc.


Mechanical property

Strength of extension(Rm N/mm2):385.0

Extend rate(A%):15.0

Chemical component Cu:60.5-63.5 Ni:0.5 Fe:0.15 Pb:0.08 Zn:remaining


Mechanical property:(σb/MPa)410-630


Vickers hardness:(HV)105-175

Thickness≥0.3)Note:thickness 0.3-10


Processing technic

The quantities of tools:9 tools

Tool Type

35°round turning tool

2MM cut-off tool

∅7.1 drill bit

∅8 boring tool

∅8 inside threading tool

∅5.5 drill bit

1/4-32 screw tap

∅8 milling cutter

∅1.5 drill bit

∅1.5 milling cutter

According to the drawing to analysis that the copper valve parts haven't special precision requirements in the shape and position tolerance.Therefore,we choose the direction of 5/8 thread of the parts as the priority for machining,because there is a requirements of R0.5 Angle in this direction.In order to fillet R0.5 Angle and the cylindrical inclined plane and end face processed surface connection relationship is more perfect.


Use 35°round turning tool machining parts shape,then use ∅7.1 drill bit, ∅8 boring tool to machining ∅7.1 and 5/8 x18 thread bottom hole.

Use ∅8 inside threading tool to machining 5/x18 thread,then use ∅1.5 drill bit,∅1.5 milling cutter to machining hole of ∅1.5×3.5 size,then use ∅5.5 drill bit,1/4-32 tap screw and ∅8 milling cutter to machining ∅9.5 and 1/4-32 thread,then cut off the parts use 2mm cut off tool.


It is necessary to custom clamp before processing at both end,male thread 5/8×18 length is 11mm.As following picture shows:

     The reason is that the surface is inclined plane of this parts and there is no clamping condition.So it only can assembly with 5/8×18 internal thread which has been machined with the 5/8×18 external thread of the fixture.Then processing of the remaining part,which not only ensure the repeated positioning error of the parts but also improved the processing efficiency.


    Use 35°round turning tool to machining total length 59mm,then use ∅7.1 drill bit and ∅8 boring tool to machining 1/2×20 thread.Finally make surface treatment of chrome plated.


      Please refer to finished parts as below:

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