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What are the advantages of CNC machining of radiator parts?

For friends who have been in contact with the radiator component industry, they often see or hear "CNC machining", but too much exposure does not necessarily mean that many people understand. In fact, many questions are still about CNC machining. What are the advantages? Let's take a closer look. CNC machining is an index-controlled machine tool machining, which is a method of using digital information to control the machining process. Traditional mechanical processing is done manually by machine tools. During processing, the mechanical cutter is shaken to cut metal, and the accuracy is measured with calipers and other tools. However, traditional artificial intelligence processing is far from being able to meet the needs of production development. Therefore, the emergence of CNC machining provides the possibility for the standardization, precision and efficiency of mechanical product processing. The CNC machining process in the radiator component industry also shines. The

What errors may occur during CNC machining and CNC machining​?

 CNC machining and numerical control machining are a method to control the movement of machine tools and the production process of machining through computer digitization and information digitization. It is an intelligent numerical control device developed as an economical, high-speed, reliable, multi-functional, intelligent, and open structure. CNC machining is also an important indicator that can measure the continuous level and comprehensive ability of a safety technology, as well as the degree of modernization of related science and technology capabilities, especially in aviation, biology, medical and other high-tech cultural industries, and it is also a powerful indicator. reflect. So, what errors may occur during CNC machining and CNC machining? Let us understand together:   The use of approximate machining motion or approximate tool contours causes errors in the CNC principle of machining. The reason why it is called machining principle error is because of the error in machining

Investment Casting Materials and Manufacturing Process

Mold material The performance of the molding material should not only ensure the convenient production of investment molds with accurate dimensions and high surface finish, good strength and light weight, but also create conditions for the manufacture of mold shells and good castings. Molding materials are generally formulated with waxes, natural resins and plastics (synthetic resins). All mold materials mainly prepared with wax materials are called wax-based mold materials, and their melting point is low, 60~70 ° C; all mold materials mainly prepared with natural resins are called resin-based mold materials, with a slightly higher melting point, about 70 °C. ~120℃.   Precision Investment Castings China prototype company service include :  High Quality Investment Casting Parts Custom , Lost Wax Investment Casting Sand Casting , Lost Foam Casting , Gravity Casting , Die Casting , Graphite Casting , Casting Moldsmanufacturers . Manufacture of Folding Investments In t

Drive the preferential presetting of the spring frame of the vehicle

The secondary spring system of the original electric locomotive consists of 4 sets of the same ordinary cylindrical compression springs. Its parameters are: spring material diameter d=48mm, maximum working circle diameter D=230mm, effective working circle number n=6.6, free height H0= 528mm, working height H=431mm. The characteristic curve of the spring is approximately straight, with stable stiffness and simple structure. However, the spring stiffness is mainly along the axial direction, and its transverse shear and bending stiffness is very poor, and its anti-resonance ability is poor. After the train speeds up, its snake-like movement and shaking phenomenon intensify. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the spring system of electric locomotives.

Improvement of the spring system. The improved spring parameters and characteristics take into account the special position of the secondary spring (between the bogie and the car body) and specific functions (supporting the car body and damping), under the premise of ensuring equal free height , The cylindrical spiral compression spring is improved into a conical compression spring with equal pitch. The distance t can be calculated by the following formula: H0=6.6t+1.5dT=(528mm-1.548mm)/6.6=69.09mm*large working radius R2=115mm, *smallest working radius R1=101.8mm, and the pressing time distance d=d1 -R2-R1nd2=47.96mm The stiffness of the improved conical compression spring is increased, the characteristic curve is gradually increasing, and the anti-resonance ability is enhanced.

The effect of the bending moment at the end of the spring on any section A indicates the effect of the unit transverse force on any section A. The improved spring bending stiffness and transverse stiffness. The bending stiffness of the spring is set as the distance from any section A of the conical spring to the end of the spring, then = R1 +R2-R12ntan In the formula, is the polar angle of the helix; is the helix angle.

The effect of the spring end bending moment on any section A is as shown. The torque generated by the bending moment M of the spring force end on the section A and the bending moments in the two directions are respectively Tt=McoscosMb=-McossinMn=Msinds=R1+R2-R12ncosd where Tt is the torque on the section of the spring material; Mb, Mn is the bending moment on the section of the spring material; ds is the length of the tiny section of the spring material.

The effect of unit lateral force on any section A is shown in the figure. When Pr=1, the torque and bending moment produced by the unit force on the section A respectively, Ip is the polar moment of inertia; Ib and In are the moments of inertia; E is the elastic modulus of the material; is the Poisson’s ratio. Substitute the reference value R1=101.8mm, R2=115mm, n=6.6, d=48mm, E=2G(1+) (=0.25, G=80109Pa), Ip=2Ib=2In=d4/32 into the formula, after integration Get Fr=(544011.7/(EIn))MM=(EIn/544011.7)Fr=95798N, so the bending stiffness is 95798N.

The bending stiffness of the original cylindrical spring can be calculated according to the formula (7-42) in the literature <1>. M=Ed416D2nH(2+)Fr=42604.5N. Therefore, the bending stiffness of the original cylindrical spring is 42604.5N. This shows that the bending stiffness of the conical spring is Improved. The lateral stiffness is as shown, the torque and the bending moment of the A section caused by the lateral force Pr are respectively (because it is very small, sin=0, cos=1) Tt=PrR1+R2-R12ntancos3

From the literature <1> formula (7-51), the transverse stiffness of the original cylindrical spring is obviously, the transverse stiffness of the conical spring is higher than that of the cylindrical spring.

Conclusion At present, the spring system of most foreign locomotives is still cylindrical spring, but the railway quality is higher than that of our country. The cost of the same transformation of the railway system in our country will be very high. Therefore, in our country, the key to improving the stability and safety of vehicle operation is to improve the spring system of the locomotive. Through the theoretical derivation and quantitative calculation of the new design scheme in the article, it is proved that the transverse stiffness and bending stiffness of the improved spring system are significantly increased, thus realizing the active control of the resonance of the locomotive during high-speed operation, and greatly improving the high-speed operation of the locomotive. Safety and stability. This design has been used by Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Factory in the manufacture of the new Shaoshan SS9 train.

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