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Hitachi LMG6911RPBC-E

# LMG6911RPBC-E Hitachi LMG6911RPBC-E New LMG6911RPBC KOE 5.7 inch LCM 320×240 6:1 Monochrome CCFL Parallel Data, LMG6911RPBC-E pictures, LMG6911RPBC-E price, #LMG6911RPBC-E supplier ------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Panel Brand:  HITACHI Panel Model : LMG6911RPBC   Panel Size : 5.7 inch Panel Type STN- LCD , LCM  Resolution: 320×240 , Q VGA   Pixel Format Rectangle Display Area: 115.17(W)×86.37(H) mm Bezel Opening 122.0(W)×90.0(H) mm Outline Size 167.1(W)×109(H) mm Brightness - Contrast Ratio 6:1 (Typ.) (TM)     Viewing Angle - Display Mode STN, Blue mode (Negative), Transmissive  IP

What are the rules for metal stamping die scrap tube?

The Purpose Standardize the management of the scrapping of the company's metal stamping dies, prevent the loss of company assets, and formulate this system specially. Scope of application It is suitable for the management of the company's scrap molds. Definition If the molds listed in the assets of the company fall under one of the following circumstances, the use management department may apply for scrapping. 1. Molds that exceed the specified service life. 2. The mold is severely damaged by accidents or accidents, and molds that cannot be repaired or have no repair value. 3. Metal stamping dies that have not reached the service life, but due to safety, quality, efficiency and other issues, the repair still fails to meet the minimum requirements of the customer's product process or affects the production safety and efficiency. 4. Product customers have stopped placing orders or have not placed orders for molds in several years. 4. Responsibilities 1. Responsibilities of th

How to prevent deformation during slow wire processing

 Slow-moving wire processing is a very exquisite and exquisite craft, and sufficient preparations need to be made, so that the processed products can be more quality. The slow-moving wire processing technology has a wide range of applications and is a must in our industries. If you want to do better with less technology, you must master all aspects of the processing knowledge. For example, the most common thing is the deformation during processing.  How can we solve it How to prevent deformation during slow wire processing Speaking of slow wire processing, it uses continuously moving fine metal wires as electrodes. Pulse spark discharge is performed on the workpiece, where it generates a high temperature above 6000 degrees. Moreover, if it wants to improve its quality problems and prevent its deformation, it can firstly start from the following aspects. 1. To prevent deformation, it is impossible for the material to have no internal stress. In particular, the internal stress of the que

The seat position safety factor is different

Comfort and safety during driving are *important. Whoever has direct contact with our body is regarded as the seat. Comfort is not directly concerned with safety, but it also plays an important role indirectly. Therefore, whether it is to buy In order to drive more safely, we also need to know which position of these seats is the safest?

There are different positions in the car, but what we need to know is which position is safer. It seems to be a few simple positions, but there are still certain differences in the risk factor. Do you know these car owners? Whether you are a car owner or a passenger, it is necessary to know this common sense.

Location of the main driver:

When it comes to the position of the car, we first think of the position of the main driver, but the position of the main driver is relatively dangerous, and relatively speaking, the main driving position has to master the steering wheel, etc. The arms and legs are It is easy to get injured, so for the main driver, it is necessary to be equipped with safer at any time, like an airbag, and to develop the habit of wearing a seat belt at ordinary times.

The position of the co-pilot:

The position of the co-pilot is relatively *unsafe. Many car owners are puzzled. Why is this? According to reasoning, it should be the main driver, why is it the co-pilot? This is because the position of the co-pilot will just face the collision, and the position of the main driver just avoids this key point, so the co-pilot is *unsafe, so it is recommended that you try to avoid the co-pilot when riding in the car Position, pay attention to the location after riding, pay attention to it in time, and keep up with the safety measures accordingly.

Back row position:

This position is relatively safe. Why is that? Because the relative space in the rear is still larger, because the space for the owner to move is relatively large, when encountering danger, there will be a little more escape space, but also because the owner escapes, compared to the position of the main driver and the co-pilot. In this way, facing the dangerous situation directly, the position in the back row is relatively safer.

There are certain differences in the safety factor of the important positions in these vehicles. It is recommended that the owner choose the back row position as much as possible when riding in normal times to avoid the position of the co-pilot. If you are the owner, then the main driver should take corresponding protective measures. You must pay attention to it in time, and don’t leave hidden safety hazards due to momentary negligence. Protective supplies such as safety bags must be fully prepared at all times.

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