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Working principle of slow wire processing

 Slow wire walking, also called low-speed wire walking, is a kind of CNC machining machine tool that uses continuously moving fine metal wire as an electrode to pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to generate a high temperature of over 6000 degrees, ablate metal and cut into a workpiece. The principle of wire processing is the phenomenon that there is a gap between the wire electrode and the workpiece, and the metal is removed by continuous discharge. Since the slow-moving wire cutting machine adopts the method of wire electrode continuous feeding, that is, the wire electrode is processed during the movement, so even if the wire electrode is worn out, it can be continuously supplemented, so it can improve the machining accuracy of the parts and slow the wire. The surface roughness of the workpiece processed by the cutting machine can usually reach Ra=0.8μm and above, and the roundness error, linear error and dimensional error of the slow-moving wire cutting machine are much better t

Hydrostatic guideway of CNC machining lathe

The static pressure slide rail (TTW guide) of the CNC machining lathe transfers the oil with a certain pressure through the throttle to the oil cavity between the sliding surfaces of the slide rail (TTW guide) to form a pressure oil film to float the moving parts , Make the sliding rail (TTW guide) surface in a pure liquid friction state.   CNC machining General CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining c17200   beryllium   copper   and milling machine, etc. The feed route of finishing is basically carried out along the part contour sequence. Therefore, the focus of determining the feed route is to determine the feed route of rough machining and idle stroke. In the numerical control processing, the control system issues instructions to make the tool perform various motions that meet the requirements, and the shape and size of the workpiece are expressed in the form of numbers and lette

Classification of CNC Machining Occupation Levels

1. Blue-collar layer:   That is, CNC machining operation technicians, proficient in machining and CNC machining process knowledge, proficient in the operation and manual programming of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools), understand automatic programming and simple maintenance of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools), such There is a large market demand for personnel, and they are suitable for operating workers of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools) in the workshop, but due to their single knowledge, their wages will not be much higher.   2. Gray collar layer:   One, CNC machining programmer:   Master the knowledge of 5 Axis CNC machining Aluminum   technology and the operation of CNC machine tools (attributes: automated machine tools), be familiar with the design and manufacturing expertise of complex molds (title: mother of industry), and be proficient in 3D CAD/CAM software, such as UG, GOOGLE PRO/E, etc. ; Familiar with CNC

Research on pumping of car body frame driven by pressurized liquid

To cultivate new growth points with high technology, in order to continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, during the prosperous period of enterprises, they did not sit back and relax and were blindly optimistic. Instead, they always established a sense of crisis, developed/developed a generation, developed a generation, and reserved a generation at the beginning of 0.1995. Due to the constraints of adjustment and the weak domestic market, the steering pumps that they have just entered the automotive market have seen poor sales; but from the perspective of market development, steering pumps are still in their infancy and have great market potential.

In the face of the company’s difficult situation, this factory has carried out a large number of market research, and through the survey, they have realized that the market is weak and the product cannot be weak. Macro adjustments are the same for everyone. Why do other companies have a market for the same product, but we have no market. The crux of the problem is that a single product structure cannot meet market demand. To this end, they have a deputy factory manager in charge, mobilize elite soldiers to run the market, and increase market development and new product development. Through unremitting efforts, the factory’s steering pumps have expanded from the original YBZ series to the YBZ1 and YBZ2 series, and expanded from only the second automobile company to more than ten domestic automobile manufacturers and supporting facilities such as FAW Group, Yuchai, and Hangzhou Automobile. factory. Since 1997, in view of the saturation of the steering pumps for China and the domestic market, they have aimed at the light-duty car and sedan market, taking the road of localization and substitution of imports, and successively developed and developed them for Hongqi and Jetta Steering pumps for cars and light vehicles such as Wang, Shenlong Fukang, Yangtze Pickup, Yangzhou Yaxing, Shenyang Jinbei, etc. have expanded the variety of steering pumps to more than 70 varieties in seven series, becoming a new economic growth point for enterprise development.

High-quality seize the market to increase credibility. Automobile steering pump is an important component of automobile power steering system. The popularization and use of power steering pumps help reduce the labor intensity of drivers and reduce the incidence of driving accidents. As a supporting enterprise of FAW, Second Automobile and Yuchai, although this factory has the advantages of time and place, in order to firmly grasp the initiative of market competition and seize the commanding heights of the market, they seize the quality and not relax, and continue to increase the ISO9000 series standards. Strengthen the implementation of standards and certification work, strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, and resolutely implement the policy of whoever smashes the company’s brand, who has the job first; they openly make quality assurance commitments to the society and accept social supervision; Intensify research efforts, reduce product noise and cleanliness, and strictly enter the factory for outsourcing accessories, and 100% inspection of key parts of the product.

At the same time, they continue to improve and improve after-sales service work, and strive to be a good supporting role. Large users such as FAW, Dongqi, Yuchai and other large users have established offices to track the whole process from the delivery of products to the loading of vehicles, and provide services to On-site, service to users.

In 1997, this factory was rated as a subcontractor 0 for excellent quality by the Cooperative Supporting Office of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and the YBZ-E16F20 steering pump was recognized as a first-class product for machinery industry products. In 0.1998, this factory was also coordinated by Dongfeng Motor Corporation. It was assessed as the 0** name of the sub-contractor of qualified quality, the YBZ1 and YBZ2 steering pumps were recognized as the first-class product of the machinery industry, and the vane pump branch factory was in the original machinery department. In 97 thousand factories and tens of thousands of waste-free activities, won the title of / excellent team 0, and was awarded the title of / excellent enterprise in quality management activities of Shanxi Province 0 by the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission.

High-efficiency speeding up technological transformation to increase strength. The factory realized in practice that good products do not mean good benefits. Only by constantly updating and transforming to improve competitiveness can the enterprise remain invincible. For this reason, on the basis of the 750th transformation, the 850th torch plan project and Shanxi province short, flat, fast project transformation, so that the steering pump has an annual production capacity of 30,000 units. .

/During the 950s, the product was included in the National/Phase II Double Plus 0 Technical Transformation Project, another 29.5 million yuan was invested in the transformation of an annual output of 100,000 units, three surface grinding machines from Japan were introduced, and ultrasonic waves were added. High-precision equipment such as washing machines. During the technological transformation, they also paid great attention to the investment in testing methods, added six new product test benches, and built a product center test room with the same government, so that all product testing can be controlled by a computer.

High-quality and sound system adds stamina. Science and technology are the ultimate productivity, and people are the most active factor in productivity. Only by cultivating a high-quality and professional technical team can the smooth progress of product development be ensured. For this reason, they continue to accelerate Establish and improve the technology development system, form the internal demand for strengthening technology development, increase the investment in development funds, the factory will invest 1) 3% of the sales revenue as technology development fees every year, and fully implement CAD in product design. In order to mobilize technology For the enthusiasm of the staff, they issued 5 regulations on rewarding employees for making outstanding contributions6. For the development of a variant product, the trial production and design departments are rewarded 3,000 yuan each; for the development of a new product, the trial production and design departments are rewarded 10,000 yuan each. Yuan.

In terms of improving scientific and technical personnel and working conditions, they have the same professional and technical titles, engineering and technical personnel are one grade higher than others, and bonuses are treated as front-line workers. They have built a new 1,500 square meters science and technology building, and engineering and technical personnel have all Housing, etc., thereby greatly providing inexhaustible impetus for technological development.

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