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What are the advantages of CNC machining of radiator parts?

For friends who have been in contact with the radiator component industry, they often see or hear "CNC machining", but too much exposure does not necessarily mean that many people understand. In fact, many questions are still about CNC machining. What are the advantages? Let's take a closer look. CNC machining is an index-controlled machine tool machining, which is a method of using digital information to control the machining process. Traditional mechanical processing is done manually by machine tools. During processing, the mechanical cutter is shaken to cut metal, and the accuracy is measured with calipers and other tools. However, traditional artificial intelligence processing is far from being able to meet the needs of production development. Therefore, the emergence of CNC machining provides the possibility for the standardization, precision and efficiency of mechanical product processing. The CNC machining process in the radiator component industry also shines. The

Investment Casting Materials and Manufacturing Process

Mold material The performance of the molding material should not only ensure the convenient production of investment molds with accurate dimensions and high surface finish, good strength and light weight, but also create conditions for the manufacture of mold shells and good castings. Molding materials are generally formulated with waxes, natural resins and plastics (synthetic resins). All mold materials mainly prepared with wax materials are called wax-based mold materials, and their melting point is low, 60~70 ° C; all mold materials mainly prepared with natural resins are called resin-based mold materials, with a slightly higher melting point, about 70 °C. ~120℃.   Precision Investment Castings China prototype company service include :  High Quality Investment Casting Parts Custom , Lost Wax Investment Casting Sand Casting , Lost Foam Casting , Gravity Casting , Die Casting , Graphite Casting , Casting Moldsmanufacturers . Manufacture of Folding Investments In t

How Do Cnc Swiss Machines Work

How Do Cnc Swiss Machines Work Save 0 What Is Swiss Machine –The full name of the walking CNC lathe, it can also be called the spindle box mobile CNC automatic lathe, the economical turning and milling compound machine tool or the slitting lathe. It belongs to precision machining equipment, which can complete compound  machining such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and engraving at one time. It is mainly used for batch  machining of precision hardware and special-shaped shafts. This machine tool first originated in Germany and Switzerland. In the early stage, it was mainly used for precision machining of military equipment. With the continuous development and expansion of industrialization, due to the urgent needs of the market, it was gradually applied to the  machining of civilian products; the development of similar machine tools in Japan and South Korea Earlier than China, it was mainly used in the military industry in the early days. After the war, it was gradually

Do You Know the Prices of These CNC Aluminum Parts?

Do you know the price of these CNC aluminum parts?

Everyone is familiar with CNC aluminum parts. CNC aluminum parts are used in many industries, such as medical industry, oil and gas industry, transportation industry, electronics industry and Marine industry.The CNC process for the production of CNC aluminum parts is also widely used in the aerospace industry, because of its excellent accuracy, which is very important in aerospace technology.So what we want to talk about today is the price of CNC aluminum parts. Then, how much is the price of CNC aluminum parts?Let's take a look


Let's not mention the factors affecting the price of CNC aluminum parts. Let's first have a look at the how much  some conventional CNC aluminum parts.


The cost of some common metals used in Cnc Machining parts is:

Aluminum 6061 costs $25 per block

Aluminum 7075 costs $80 per block

Stainless steel 304 costs $90 per piece

These are the prices of conventional CNC aluminum parts.,

Now, shall we have a look at the price factors affecting CNC aluminum parts?


  1. According to the purpose, which Cnc Machine tool to choose for processing cost

The prices of different CNC machine tools are different. Of course, this factor is the cost paid by the processing party, but this aspect must be included in the total price of CNC Aluminum Parts.For example, three-axis machine tools and multi-axis machine tools.3-axis machine tools, including CNC milling machines (running at about $40 per hour) and CNC lathes (running at about $35 per hour).The price of CNC milling machines is also usually increased to accommodate the operator's salary.

Multi-axis machine tools are more expensive to run, and therefore more expensive.They cost between $75 and $120 an hour.Some may even cost more than that, so it's worth asking about your machine choice when quoting.


  1. Material cost affects the price of CNC aluminum parts

Yes, as we mentioned above, Aluminum 6061 and Aluminum 7075, the two kinds of silver materials are the concentration of conventional materials. In fact, these two materials are not the only ones available for making CNC Aluminum parts, are they not?Therefore, this will also affect the price of CNC aluminum parts


  1. Other expenses

In fact, the price of CNC aluminum parts is still affected by many factors, such as labor cost, tariff of different countries, size of order and transportation cost, etc. If you want to know the price of these CNC aluminum parts,If you want to know the specific quotation of CNC aluminum parts, you can choose to consult us. We are glad to give you the most realistic, objective and favorable quotation


Finally, let's sort out. This article mainly tells the story of know the price of these CNC aluminum parts?Then there are the price factors affecting CNC aluminum parts. If you are interested in the price factors affecting CNC Machining, you can click on us to check the blue words above

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