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What are the advantages of CNC machining of radiator parts?

For friends who have been in contact with the radiator component industry, they often see or hear "CNC machining", but too much exposure does not necessarily mean that many people understand. In fact, many questions are still about CNC machining. What are the advantages? Let's take a closer look. CNC machining is an index-controlled machine tool machining, which is a method of using digital information to control the machining process. Traditional mechanical processing is done manually by machine tools. During processing, the mechanical cutter is shaken to cut metal, and the accuracy is measured with calipers and other tools. However, traditional artificial intelligence processing is far from being able to meet the needs of production development. Therefore, the emergence of CNC machining provides the possibility for the standardization, precision and efficiency of mechanical product processing. The CNC machining process in the radiator component industry also shines. The

Investment Casting Materials and Manufacturing Process

Mold material The performance of the molding material should not only ensure the convenient production of investment molds with accurate dimensions and high surface finish, good strength and light weight, but also create conditions for the manufacture of mold shells and good castings. Molding materials are generally formulated with waxes, natural resins and plastics (synthetic resins). All mold materials mainly prepared with wax materials are called wax-based mold materials, and their melting point is low, 60~70 ° C; all mold materials mainly prepared with natural resins are called resin-based mold materials, with a slightly higher melting point, about 70 °C. ~120℃.   Precision Investment Castings China prototype company service include :  High Quality Investment Casting Parts Custom , Lost Wax Investment Casting Sand Casting , Lost Foam Casting , Gravity Casting , Die Casting , Graphite Casting , Casting Moldsmanufacturers . Manufacture of Folding Investments In t

How Do Cnc Swiss Machines Work

How Do Cnc Swiss Machines Work Save 0 What Is Swiss Machine –The full name of the walking CNC lathe, it can also be called the spindle box mobile CNC automatic lathe, the economical turning and milling compound machine tool or the slitting lathe. It belongs to precision machining equipment, which can complete compound  machining such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and engraving at one time. It is mainly used for batch  machining of precision hardware and special-shaped shafts. This machine tool first originated in Germany and Switzerland. In the early stage, it was mainly used for precision machining of military equipment. With the continuous development and expansion of industrialization, due to the urgent needs of the market, it was gradually applied to the  machining of civilian products; the development of similar machine tools in Japan and South Korea Earlier than China, it was mainly used in the military industry in the early days. After the war, it was gradually

About an interview with Nie Hui, an auto parts giant in a province

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry and the huge growth of the auto parts industry, more and more merchants are engaged in auto parts distribution in Nanchang. Located in the urban area, the prosperity of business hinders road traffic and affects the appearance of the city. The existing street can no longer meet the needs of the growing auto parts team. Nie Hui once again realized his career development from the eyes of a businessman sensitive tax. A new opportunity is here. He wants to build a modern auto parts city with a certain scale, complete supporting facilities, more standardized operation, high starting point and high requirements. Considering the future development of the city, Nie Hui chose a site more than ten kilometers away from the urban area. At that time, apart from a few production enterprises, there was no commercial atmosphere, and even the Xiaolan Industrial Park, which was not accessible by buses, acquired 490 acres of land. With the courage and courage that modern entrepreneurs should have, Hui has experienced various difficulties in demolition, relocation storms and fierce competition in similar markets. It adjusted measures to local conditions, determined market characteristics, adjusted market management structure in a timely manner, visited, talked, publicized, and extensively contacted the province. Domestic and foreign auto parts manufacturers and distributors organize various activities for attracting investment, raising business, and helping business. They always put themselves in the position of serving manufacturers, and focus on helping settled manufacturers to expand their business and increase sales. In this way, after several years of construction and cultivation, Nie Hui led his team to withstand the pressure, be brave to develop, and be good at business, so that Hongcheng Auto Parts City has developed from an inconspicuous small market to a leader in Nanchang’s auto parts distribution industry. Professional wholesale market.

2007 is a year for Hongcheng Auto Parts City in Jiangxi Province to continue to expand investment and promote infrastructure construction, and it is a year for Auto Parts City to comprehensively upgrade its service level to a higher level. In accordance with Nie Hui's goal of "making the auto parts market bigger and stronger", the market operation management team is closely tied to the central task, making every effort to break the bottleneck that restricts the rapid development of the market, and strive to improve the market's service functions and service levels, and achieve new market development. Breakthrough. The annual transaction volume of Hongcheng Auto Parts City in Jiangxi Province has reached nearly 2 billion yuan. Auto parts products are exported to all parts of the country. The market scale has been formed, the supply chain has been gradually improved, the appeal of market brands has been further expanded, and the gathering effect of dealers has increased. Hongcheng Auto Parts City has become a “golden wharf” for the majority of auto parts dealers to invest and settle in.

The practice of commercial warfare in the past few years has made Nie Hui realize a truth. He often said: Employees and merchants are my company; employees and merchants are my wealth. The simple and straightforward words speak out the true essence of the business philosophy of “people-oriented, serving the market”. Nie Hui said: People are the key to a company’s success. If an enterprise wants to develop, it must respect, care, rely on, and shape people, pay attention to the subjective initiative of people, and continuously strengthen the company’s centripetal force, cohesion, and core competitiveness. Let every employee feel the value of his existence in the enterprise and realize the importance of the work he undertakes, then it is a kind of success for the enterprise; on the other hand, we must understand that the reason why our enterprise can survive and develop is Achieving some of today’s results depends entirely on the support of the majority of merchants.

The reason why our work exists is because there are merchants who need this kind of service. What we need to think about is not only what kind of service we can provide, but what kind of service merchants need. Only by worrying about what customers want, thinking about what customers think, and in the environment of increasingly fierce competition, will the development of our Auto Parts City be invincible and have the value of his existence. Facing the excessive competition in the development and construction of the auto parts market across the country, and the major changes in the auto parts distribution business, the Hongcheng Auto Parts City in Jiangxi Province, under the leadership of Nie Hui, has sounded the passionate horn of “second entrepreneurship”. From 2008, the goal is to create a “modern, international and ecological” new auto parts market. Let Hongcheng Auto Parts City truly become the gathering place and radiation place of Jiangxi Province’s auto parts industry, and a treasured place for merchants to pan for gold.

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